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Exposure Race MK11 Front Mountain Bike Light

Exposure Lights

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この商品を購入すると 225 人の ポイント 獲得します

It might be stating the obvious, but when heading out on a night ride the two things you absolutely need to be able to rely on when it comes to your front light are that you will be able to see the way with it, and that it will last for the duration of your ride. The Exposure Race MK11 provides reassurance on both fronts thanks to some really clever built in tech. On standard mode the light provides a decent 1,300 lumens of brightness, but where the light really excels is in Reflex mode, which uses information about your gradient, acceleration and cornering to match light output to your needs any any one time on your ride. In Reflex mode, the Race MK11 can pump out up to 1,700 lumens when the trail (and your riding) requires it. The light does all this whilst taking into account your chosen burn time (within Reflex mode you can choose between a 3, 6 or 12 hour burn time).

That the light is now up to mark 11 indicates two important things - firstly that it is a successful product that has been around for a long time, and secondly that Exposure are continually improving and investing in it so that it remains at the forefront of the competition. Exposure Lights is a name which you associate with high quality, and when you see the light in the flesh you can see why - sturdy but incredibly light CNC aluminium bodywork is coupled with high quality internal componentry, such as the light’s Intelligent Thermal Management circuitry which controls the temperature of the light’s LEDs - this ensures the light’s performance isn’t compromised by overheating. This is just one example of the great tech which is incorporated into the light.

The light uses a strong forged aluminium bracket which bolts securely onto the handlebars; you can then adjust the angle of the light separately, and the light can be quick released from the bracket for charging too. The light provides between 2 and 36 hours of burn time depending on the mode (or combination of modes) you run it on.

Exposure Race MK11 Front Mountain Bike Light

この商品を購入すると 225 人の ポイント 獲得します
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In Detail
  • Lumens: 1,300 (boosts to 1,700 with Reflex Technology)
  • Battery: 5,800mAh rechargeable
  • Charge time: 6 hours
  • Length: 105mm
  • Diameter: 47mm
  • Weight: 186g
  • Handlebar mounted
  • Recommended use: all mountain 25%, XC 100%, road 50%, commute 25%
  • Compact, lightweight and powerful
  • Stainless steel function button provides positive feedback
  • Sturdy forged aluminium bracket with quick release system for attaching/removing the light
  • Standalone unit - no fiddly cables!
  • Reflex Technology intelligently interprets the gradient, acceleration and cornering to match light output to your needs within the overall required burntime you have chosen
  • OLED status display panel provides information on program and mode alternating with a burn time countdown
  • Optimised Mode Selector makes it easy to select the mode you need
  • Intelligent Thermal Management system keeps the light cool and prevents overheating, which can affect efficiency or worse cause the light to lose power
  • Made in the UK using top quality materials and high end components
Burn Time
  • High: 2 hours
  • Low: 36 hours
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Exposure Race MK11 Front Mountain Bike Light




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