Speedplay Zero Titanium Pedals With Walkable Cleat


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The pedal of choice for countless World Tour and Spring Classics race winners, the Speedplay Zero is a technically advanced clipless pedal which offers a top drawer riding experience for pro and regular riders alike. Offering the ultimate in power transfer, comfort and ease of use, Speedplay Zeros are a great option for a wide range of riders. The Titanium version is ideal for weight weenies counting the grams, weighing in at a mere 82g per pedal.

Developed from scratch specifically for cycling use rather than being adapted from existing clip-in systems used in other sports such as skiing, the Speedplay Zero has many benefits over alternative clipless pedals. Power transfer is very efficient due to the ‘inverted’ design of the system, which uses the cleat as the pedalling platform and places the foot closer to the pedal spindle than other systems for a more direct connection between your foot and the cranks.

Speedplay Zeros are particularly popular with riders who have in the past experienced knee or joint pain: their high amount of ‘free float’ (which allows your feet to pivot slightly as you pedal) provides a more comfortable, natural pedalling motion, reducing the likelihood of getting repetitive-motion injuries which can occur if your feet aren’t optimally aligned when pedalling. With a high level of adjustability (fore-aft, side-to-side, and rotational positions can be set up individually) the system can be tailored to your individual needs to a much higher degree than alternatives. And if you’re not a fan of float, the Zeros can also be set up as a fixed cleat.

Other benefits of using the Zeros are that they are very quick and easy to clip in and out of, with dual sided entry and a pedal design which self-locates into the cleat. Having a system which you can rely on to be able to quickly and consistently clip in to adds a certain peace of mind whilst waiting for a green light in front of a queue of cars or on a hill start where getting clipped in quickly will make getting going a lot easier. The Zeros are also almost impossible to clip out of accidentally because of the design of the locking mechanism.

With the popular walkable cleat now included as standard with the Zeros, riders can now enjoy a significantly enhanced off-the-bike functionality from the off: rubber covers provide traction and prevent damage to the cleat when walking, and the thin profile of the cleat allows for a much more natural walking posture. The specification of the pedals is incredibly high quality, with precision cartridge and needle bearings, metal contact points on the pedals and cleats and built in serviceability.

Speedplay Zero Titanium Pedals With Walkable Cleat

この商品を購入すると 331 ライダーポイント 獲得します
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In Detail
  • Weight: 164g per pair
  • Spindle Length: 50mm
  • Clearance on corners: 39 degrees
  • Stack Height: 11.5mm for three hole mounting, 8.5mm for four hole mounting
  • Works with any shoe with a three or four hole mount
  • Fast and straightforward to clip in due to dual sided entry system
  • Cleat position and amount of float can be precisely set up for your personal needs, with more adjustability and control of adjustment than other systems
  • Ideal for riders who have experienced knee pain - the free-floating fit is much kinder to knees and other joints than other pedal systems
  • Performance enhancing - low stack height for better power transfer and thin profile for unbeatable cornering clearance
  • Made in the US
In the box
  • 1 x set of Zero Titanium pedals
  • 1 x pair of walkable cleats
  • Fitting instructions
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Speedplay Zero Titanium Pedals With Walkable Cleat




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